Aotearoa Safaris have a range of Hunting Packages with locations including our own hunting block on New Zealand's volcanic Central Plateau, the breathtaking  terrain of the Southern Alps and the scorching wilderness of Australia's Northern Territories.


Flight from the USA take 12 or more hours. International visitors arrive at Auckland International Airport. We are four hours south of the airport however this drive can be replaced by a one hour plane ride to Taupo Domestic Airport, one hour west of Aotearoa Safaris' hunting block.

Packages include pick up and return to Taupo Domestic Airport.


We have two comfortable cabins within the Aotearoa Safaris hunting area where clients are able to immerse themselves in the unique New Zealand wilderness experience.

Luxury accommodation is available a short drive or helicopter trip from the hunting area if required.

Game can be observed from the huts with transport to hunting areas by either ATV or horse back if preferred.


New Zealand has a sub-tropical climate with four distinct seasons throughout the year. The Aotearoa Safaris hunting block is situated close to the Central Plateau alpine area with stunning panoramic views of active volcanoes Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro. Hunters can also travel with us to the Southern Alps, a high altitude region where weather is extremely unpredictable.

Warm winter and light waterproof clothing coupled with light waterproof leather walking boots are recommended. On booking we can provide you with comprehensive information relevant to the time of the year as to what you will need. Excellent outdoor clothing retailers are right on our doorstep.


Our Australian hunting venture is situated in the Northern Territory, out of Darwin. 

Flights generally arrive mid-afternoon at Darwin International Airport and depart at 1am so a nights' accommodation on arrival and before departure is highly recommended.

Our packages include pick up from and return to Darwin airport with our hunting areas within three hours drive of Darwin Airport. Helicopter or fixed wing options are available if required.


Please check with your travel agent for visa requirements.


Please ensure that you have your own current medical and travel insurance.


Understandably most clients prefer to use their own firearms. We are however able to provide a range of firearms for client use. We have available in NZ – Browning in 300 WSM, 308, 7mm Mag with Leupold or Nightforce optics. In Australia 375 H&H with Leopold Optics and 500 Nitro Express.

Any .30 calibre rifle will be suitable and you can expect shooting distances to be from 50 to 300 metres.

New Zealand has strict laws governing the use of firearms however it is possible for international clients to bring their own with them.

A Temporary Visitors Firearms License costs NZ$25 and must be applied for at least a month before coming to New Zealand (apply online here). A permit to import must be obtained from the New Zealand Police and this can also be applied for online (apply online here). We are able to assist with this application.

More information on Visitor's firearms licence and import permits here.


Packages include the field preparation of trophies. The cost of preparation and documentation for export and subsequent shipping varies. We can assist with the export process and can recommend excellent taxidermists should you wish to have your trophy mounted before shipping.

Australian Aboriginal paintings may be commissioned as a very attractive alternative to European mounts. Results in a huge saving in trophy preparation and shipping costs.


The Central Plateau of the North Island offers plenty of sight seeing and adventure opportunities including:
  • Thermal pools and spas
  • Bungy jumping
  • Sky diving
  • Jet boating
  • Snow skiing
  • River rafting
  • Lake cruising